Project ö1

The island where design follows the landscape

The architecture and design is minimal and understated with buildings seamlessly integrated into the landscape. Details are meticulously crafted for both functionality and aesthetics.

The island offers a variety of authentic experiences. Navigate the surrounding waters using kayaks and boats. Delight in preparing food within one of the island's kitchens, whether indoors or outdoors. Enjoy a sunny day on the beach or lie on the smooth rocks. Evenings are best spent warming up in the sauna, indulging in the hot tub and taking invigorating dips in the refreshing sea waters.

Oct                  1800 €  / night
April, Sept        2000 €  / night
May, August    2500 € / night
June, July        3000 € / nigh

Pricing varies based on the daylight hours.
Read more about the pricing.

Sleeps 6 adults

Boat rides included

Wood heated sauna

Natural hot tub

Fully equipped kitchen

Private beach

Air conditioning

Water toilet and shower



Wood heated Fireplace/stove


Skjulskär, N 59.82681073091279, E 22.401796809522885. An island that had been uninhabited until Project Ö began five years ago. Despite the island’s modest size, the landscape is varied, with small pine forests on the south end and dramatic rocky bays on the north. The two bays give character to the island and help to block the wind and waves, functioning as docks.

Skjuskären Island
The island Skjuskären
Skjuskären sky
Skjuskären hiding place
Skjuskären Beach
Skjuskären summer day
Skjuskären forrest
Skjuskären arealshot
Skjuskären building
Skjuskären buildings
Skjuskären Sauna
Skjuskären Kitchen
Skjuskären fireplace
Skjuskären Hot tub
Skjuskären Bathroom
Skjuskären facilities
Skjuskären Kitchen
Skjuskären Grill


Although far out in the archipelago and off-grid, the island comes with all the comforts of a modern home. Everything you actually need, if not beyond.


Dining offers versatile options. Feel free to bring your own ingredients and cook as you desire, whether over an open fire barbecue or while smoking fish. Alternatively, entrust our skilled chefs to treat you to exquisite local cuisine of the highest quality.

Activities span from water-based adventures to on-land experiences. Enjoy kayaking and island hopping, indulge in the sauna or natural hot tub, and take refreshing swims.

Skjuskären dining
Skjuskären dining
Skjuskären food
Skjuskären beach table
Skjuskären Food
Skjuskären dining
Skjuskären dining table
Skjuskären Dining
Skjulskäret, Project Ö


As you are coming to an island in the middle of nowhere, there are some practicalities to get familiar with.


True solitude requires some planning ahead and coordination. So please do consult the following booking calendar, and find the dates you would want to switch off from time. To simply be.

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Minimum stay 3 nights.


Explore our island getaway with pricing that varies based on Finland's daylight hours throughout the year. Experience the extended days of summer or the cozy nights of winter, with costs adjusting to match the changing length of daylight. Our approach ensures a straightforward reflection of the natural rhythms of each season.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 Lenght of the day / h off-season off-season 1800 € / night 2000 € / night 2400 € / night 3000 € / night 3000 € / night 2400 € / night 2000 € / night