Gåsskären Facilities


Although far out in the Finnish Archipelago, off-grid, the island comes with all the comforts of a modern home. Everything you actually need,

Sleep & relax


With sea views to two directions, high ceiling, AC and black out curtains, you are bound to get the best sleep in your life.

Two double beds, organic cotton sheets (TEKLA), different types of pillows,
Gåsskären beds
Gåsskären sleeping

Living room

With skylights above the bed, you can observe the stars or the clouds in your own peaceful nest.



Kitchen in the cabin has tableware for four and all necessary cooking utensils. Basic ingredients such as oil and spices are included.

Equipment: Gas hob, blender, Moka express, fridge-freezer
Gåsskären kitchen
Gåsskären dining


Indoor dining space for four plus a couple of outdoor tables on the decks to choose from.


if you want to do open fire cooking, there is a campfire positioned near the house.

Gåsskären campfire
Gåsskären nearby restaurants

Restaurants nearby

Hop on a boat from the island in the Finnish Archipelago and discover local restaurants. The journey is part of the charm, making each dining experience a simple yet delightful adventure across the water. Enjoy fresh, local flavors accessible only by boat, adding a touch of magic to your island stay.



Ullman's Villa

Rousal Brygghus



Shower & hot tub

Wooden shower with views to the open sea and the sunset is the ultimate archipelago experience. After the sauna, you can plunge to the sea to cool down or the indulge in natural wood heated hot tub in the middle of the nature.

Fully heated shower

Wood-heated hot tub


Shampoo & conditioner

Body oil, body lotion & hand cream

Gåsskären shower

Biological Toilet

Efficient and eco-friendly, the biological toilet on the island ensures responsible waste management without compromising comfort, blending sustainability seamlessly with modern conveniences.

Gåsskären running water
The rest

Other facilities

There are plenty of other spots to enjoy food, have a drink, read a book or just chill and enjoy the solitude.



Curated library and games

Gåsskären sleep