There’s no right or wrong, when it comes to dining on the island. Whether it’s wild food, vegan cuisine or Neapolitan pizza you fancy, you can bring your own food and groceries with you, and do the cooking the way you prefer. Try the open fire barbeque or smoke a fish. Or anything and everything inbetween.

Or why not let us bring you top-notch local food, prepared by top chefs?

Our chefs

The food will be prepared by Ellen Järvinen and William Brennan; both trained chefs who met in 2017 at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. They have experience working in various restaurants in London, Bangkok and Helsinki, both serving and as chefs.

In Summer, Ellen and Willian run a restaurant called Källarvinden on the island of Kasnäs, where Ellen’s family has lived for generations. Their idea is to explore ingredients native to the archipelago and use them to make something really special.

Local ingredients

Ellen & William have developed relationships with a number oflocal suppliers, and source everything they cook as closely as possible. Foraging plays a large role, as well as traditional methods of preservation, such as fermenting and smoking. They want their food to exemplify the summer in the archipelago with clean flavours and high quality ingredients.

Meals by chefs

Brunch & Lunch basket

Breakfast and lunch will be prepared fresh every morning and delivered to the island for guests to enjoy.

Example basket:
Homemade seasonal juice
Hanged yoghurt with our homemade rhubarb granola and local honey
Fresh sourdough and whipped salted butter
Källarvindens chickenliver pate made with moscatel wine
Three french cheeses with seasonal compot
Our garden salad with locally produced greens and vegetables and foraged herb pesto
Salmon to smoke if you want to do it yourselves
Fresh local berries with cultured whipped creamPetit fours

Price: 200€/adult/day + drinks

Dinner with the chef

For dinner, the chefs will come to the island and prepare the food and cook with the guests. Guests can participate in creating the experience if desired.

Example menus:
Menu Nr.1
Oysters with sellery apple granite (only fri-sat)
Lambtartar from Westakärr estate, wild herbs and salted eggyolk from Nyhem farm
Roasted pike-perch with crispy seakale, confit local heritage tomatoes, Annabella potatoes and fennel cream sauce
S’mores tart with homemade blackcurrant leaf marshmallow grilled over coal

Menu Nr.2
Blini with vendace roe and smoked sourcream Zucchiniflowers filled with homemade ricotta and honey from kagskäla
Charcoal grilled entrecôte from Westlaxmellangård, Annabella potateos and bearnaise made with wild herbs
Midsummer rose and strawberry sorbet with white chocolate namelaka

Price: 400€/adult/day + drinks

Restaurants nearby

There are also good restaurants around the area, where we can organise a lift:
Our Chefs' cafe & restaurant Kallarvinden: