The island

Skjulskär, N 59.82681073091279, E 22.401796809522885. An island that had been uninhabited until Project Ö began five years ago. Despite the island’s modest size, the landscape is varied, with small pine forests on the south end and dramatic rocky bays on the north. The two bays give character to the island and help to block the wind and waves, functioning as docks.

This is the setting where Project Ö made its mission to build something unique, respecting the landscape and the island itself. This is where design follows the landscape, and not the other way around. But trust us, ultimately Project Ö is a place where feelings and experiences count more than words or pictures. So to truly understand and to feel the island, book it.


The island is 2 hectares (5 acres), with three claws pointing north. The buildings, the beach and the jetty sit on the north-eastern corner but the entire island is easy to walk around and there are duckboards and steps in the tricky spots.