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The Interior Materials

Feb 15, 2018

As the house is made of logs, almost all the vertical surfaces will be wood. Without a treatment of some sort, the pine on the walls will turn yellowish with time and I want to prevent that.Using something that conceals the wood, like a paint, does not feel appropriate with the house type. The best way to keep the wood texture visible and natural is to use oil.

After some tests I decided to have an oil that maintains the colour and brings it up as much as possible instead of changing it to something else.

‍Number 3040 or 40 seem to brighten the wood colour while taking away the yellow.

In terms of floors, I decided on solid thermo-wood. It’s basically pine planks that have been cooked at a high temperature to get rid of all the moisture, resin, and other stuff that makes the wood live and bend and react to weather. 

I believe that acoustics is one of the top 3 things to consider when designing a user friendly interior.

And, although a log house is acoustically very good to begin with, I want to experiment how the home-interior acoustics improve with the use of acoustic solutions designed for commercial/public interiors such as offices & restaurants. I have good experiences with the acoustic material called Konto, which is made out of surface peat fibre, so its basically dried swamp. And a nice thing is that the texture looks super nice.

Konto used on studio walls

Another natural floor material I have always liked is sisal carpet. The texture of weaved sisal is the most natural one can imagine. It’s almost too hippy, but with the most minimal pattern, it’s very modern. It’s also acoustically great, and of course feels great under bare feet.

For the entry, I decided on another classic, the coconut carpet. It is also very nice looking and a robust carpet. When dyed black, it creates a nice contrast with other lighter floor materials.


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