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The Frame

May 30, 2018
Two options to choose from: Log or timber frame? 

Pros & Cons:

- Log looks like log, it's always horizontal stripes of knotted wood, just with different proportions. Some people love it, some not so much. However, you can play a lot with the treatment to alter the tint, colour and glossiness. In my case, both houses will be cladded outside with vertical plans, so we are only dealing with the interior surfaces here.
- Timber frame is hidden and will always be clad over with another material, which means it gives countless options on how to cover the walls. That way, timber frame is visually more flexible. Of course log can also be covered, but as there is no structural reason for it, it would be kind of fake.

- Log is a far more durable frame structure in harsh conditions than normal timber frame, especially if its thick enough. But its also heavier, and as we are building on a remote location, that is something to take into account.
- Timber frame is cheaper (by ca. 30%) and its easier to take to the island.
- You can make a timber frame house withstand any weather with enough insulating material.  With log, there is no need for insulating layers as the wood works as an insulator itself.
- Partly because of the previous point, log is known for its outstanding interior air qualities. Its healthier option in long term than timber frame.
Based on the above considerations, and to get the best of both worlds, I've decided on the log for the Sauna/Guesthouse and timber frame for the Workshop.
The design of these houses is very simple and minimal but in some aspects quite challenging. Therefore I needed a house maker that is flexible and knows what they are doing and, for both houses, I ended up with Kontio, a largest log house manufacturer in the world.

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